this week has mercifully come to an end, and oy.  what a roller-coaster week it was.

i got strep throat this week.  it was ugly.  there was about three days that the only times i left my apartment were to go to 1) the doctor and 2) bulk barn.  only the essentials, man.  only the essentials.  after the doctor told me it was strep i went home and googled it.  for the love of all that is cute and fluffy in this world please never do that.  and by ‘that’ i mean google the thing that’s wrong with you/the disease you have because only bad things can come from it.  i got into the fifth or sixth article about puss polyps on tonsils before i could pry my horrified face from my monitor and stumble to the bathroom to gargle with salt water.  and is it weird that the only thing i could think as i gargled was ‘DIE PUSS POLYPS DIE!’?

don’t answer that.

this week was also a week of a lot of ‘firsts’

– the first time i got into a serious confrontation with someone at work

– my first application to grad school (eek!)

– aaaaannnd the first time my blog was NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD!!

that’s right. go ahead- read that again.  i couldn’t believe it either :P  and before you ask- no it wasn’t by my mom (hi ma!) or even by anyone i’ve actually met in person.  LaMonique over at Sweetie Pie nominated me for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’.  how awesome is that?!  i first ‘met’ LaMonique when I was blog surfing and came across her post: It’s Not Me, It’s You.  i was blown away by her honesty and insight. she strikes me as the no-BS type (my favourite type!), delivering her thoughts with equal parts straight-shooting frankness and beautiful vulnerability.  she’s a passionate believer, a hardworking entrepeneur, and a crazy good writer.  i’d encourage you to check out her blog :)

now, in accepting a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’, i have two responsibilities: 1) to nominate seven other ‘Versatile Bloggers’ and 2) to share seven things about me you may not know.  the first is going to be way easier than the second but here it goes:

1) Single Dad Laughing – the first time i read this blog was when a friend of mine forwarded me a link to one of his posts: “I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay“.  it was a hard look at the hypocrisy of the Christian church from the perspective of the blog’s author, Dan- who while himself isn’t a Christian, had some very insightful points that rang true.  while I don’t agree with everything Dan writes, i am really impressed with his story, the honesty and humour he uses to deliver his ideas, and the hard topics he tackles.  that and he has a really cute kid.

2) Eat the Damn Cake – contrary to what the title implies, this blog is not all about cake (though I do read lots of those blogs…see below).  it’s written by Kate- a twenty-something free-lance writer and blogger living in New York with her husband, endearingly called Bear.  it’s a blog about body-image, female identity, and the struggles of a lot of modern women who are bombarded with the message that we’re not thin enough, pretty enough, put-together enough, confident enough, etc. etc.  Kate writes with a candid vulnerability and she articulates things that i think a lot of women (myself included) are too afraid to/don’t know how to.

3) The Pioneer Woman – if you’ve kept up with my blog, you know my girl-crush on this woman.  i’ve wrote about her here and here.  seriously- she is superwoman.  a former city-girl who fell in love with a handsome cowboy and moved to a ranch (for real! this ain’t a movie ya’ll). she cooks tasty things, she homeschools their four kids, and she shoots guns.  i seriously admire her.  and she has a wicked awesome blog.  it’s full of recipes and home-making ideas and beautiful photographs.  ah!  love!

4) Movita Beaucoup – this food-blog makes me laugh.  i dunno how else to describe her style other than equal parts cursing sailor and martha stewart.  i’ve made her fudge brownies recipe 3 or 4 times now and that’s saying a lot, i almost never re-make recipes.  she’s also Canadian, which gives her extra props.

5) Tamara Out Loud – i would seriously love to meet Tamara in person.  her ‘about’ page describes her blog as follows : “[Tamara] works out her thoughts on life and faith at the blog Tamara Out Loud, occasionally with adult language, frequently with attempted humor, and hopefully with God’s blessing”.  one of the first posts i read of hers was ‘What’s a Girl Worth?’ – an uncomfortably candid glimpse into the reality a lot of women face in our broken world.  my heart broke reading that piece, and i’ve been subscribed to her ever since.  she writes pretty outrageous and funny posts too- one being about possibly one of the worst pick-up line in a song format ever.

6) A Cloudy Mirror – i met Chris through his sister, E- at my church.  he currently lives in Hong Kong doing very cool things for God, and he has a great blog (when he does update it :P).  one of my favourite posts of his is about ‘Pursuing Your Passions’  and i think he has some really insightful things to say.

7)How Sweet It Is – this is my go-to website for wickedly delicious and fattening things.  Jessica is the (evil) master-mind behind such fabulousities (i just made that word up. wutchu gonna do about it?)  as peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate cheesecake frosting, better than crack brownies, and triple layer chocolate chip cookie-fudge brownie-peanut butter blondie bars (you think i’m exaggerating!? go check it out for yourself.).  i love reading and drooling over her blog, and i relate to her problem with pants that are increasingly too small.  stupid shrinking pants.

k now i’m exhausted and this post is getting really long.  i will try to fulfill the second half of my award request tomorrow in a separate post about seven facts you probably don’t know about me.  nighty night..