post-public-meltdowns, there are a few things that make me feel better.

spending time with people i love.


laughing at jokes that probably aren’t that funny to normal people.

laughing at ‘normal people’.


i swear i’m not five years old.

i hosted a girl’s night cupcake fondue/chick-flick party this weekend.  and you see all those pretty colours up there? yeah. those are basically little pieces of joy you can put in your face.

and you know what’s an awesome vehicle for putting these little pieces of joy into your face?


this is what went down:

mini cupcakes!!! also, note to self- don’t wear red dresses when taking food photos.
cupcake heaven
the set up

i feel better just looking at these pictures.

so if you ever need a party-theme idea/therapy, you should make this happen.

Cupcake Fondue
From How Sweet It Is


Cupcakes (this is a good chocolate cupcake recipe, and this is a good vanilla. boxed mix is also permissible)
Chocolate, melted (i had white chocolate and milk chocolate)
Sprinkles, toffee bits, crushed nuts, mini marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, fairy dust and unicorn poop.  Whatever floats your boat.


Take cupcake.  Dip in chocolate.  Decorate with topping(s) of choice.  Put in face.  Repeat as necessary.

you’re welcome.